Thursday, September 13, 2007

NVousPC Launches New Notebook Line

If Sony's or Dell's notebook styles aren't doing it for you, check out NVousPC. This new company is giving customers the ability to design their notebooks with custom paint jobs and graphic designs using its Web site. For the first time, users can upload any image for placement on the panels of their machine. Users can also opt to have any of the four notebook panels painted with their choice of colors.

After submitting the designs online, customers receive a preview of their artwork via e-mail, at which time they have the opportunity to interact with an NVousPC designer to complete the design. NVousPC then individually paints each notebook with a durable high-quality finish that the company says is similar to what you'll find on a luxury car.

The catch is that there are only two base models to choose from. The current models offered are the 14.1-inch Mercury and the 15.4-inch Ether. Both notebooks come with a minimum of 1GB of RAM, the option to upgrade to an Intel Core2Duo T7600 CPU, and Windows Vista. NVousPC also offers after-market custom painting for consumers who already own notebooks. Stay tuned for a full review of an NVousPC notebook.

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