Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seagate Delivers 160 GB 7200 RPM Notebook HDD

Seagate started presenting great products lately like the DAVE project, the new encrypted HDD and the Savvio hard drive. They recently unveiled another such a product under the brand Momentus 7200.2.The new device is a 2.5″ hard drive for laptops that uses perpendicular recording technology to achieve higher memory density therefore higher storage capacity for the same form factor. Having 160 GB as the maximum capacity the Momentus 7200.2 also offers a performance boost due to the 7200 rpm (compared to the regular notebook hard drives that offer 5400 rpm) and SATA high-speed interface (up to 3 Gb).
Another useful feature that can be added to the device is the acceleration sensor which can detect falls greater than 8″ (about 200 mm) high. Upon the fall detection the device will park the read/write heads achieving a better reliability for the stored data and the hard drive.

Another Dual Screen Mobile Computer

After we presented you the new Canovo dual touchscreen, we have now another device from this category. Estari 2-VU Model DC15 is a new dual touchscreen. The device is powered by an Intel Dual Core Processor 1.83GHz, 2GB RAM and 60GB hard disk the standard model. When a buyer makes a purchase, he can choose additional features like 100GB hard disk, USB floppy or built-in Intel/Pro Wireless 3945 802.11(a/b/g) LAN Card. The system operates using the Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system. The Estari Dual-Screen Mobile Computer allows its users to work with two documents simultaneously in the same application or different applications. Estari DC15 combines the best aspects of a laptop, desktop, tablet PC and e-Book reader. The suitcase design strengthen the idea of business travel mate. But, as you know, the technology is not cheap. Estari 2-VU Model DC15 costs $4,350 the standard model.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sony Vaio L series - dream or the real thing?

Sony tries to surprise us with the new looks of Sony Vaio L series. It no longer looks like a laptop, but looks like complete machine that has as much faces as you need. The polycarbonate frame makes the chassis very light, durable and strong enough for a big 15.4-inch LCD display and smart to support the 2 speakers of 3W enhanced by Sound Reality audio chips and SoundFLOW software, all these for crystal clear sound quality.
You should know that there is no release date on Sony Vaio L series because it’s not real. It’s a future project only that right now brings joy to our eyes and to our techy brain. As a hardware all-in-one PC we should note that the new series of Sony Vaio are powered by Intel’s Core 2 Duo T5600 1.83GHz processors, have 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM, 120 GB hard disk drives and have a foldable touchpad and keyboard. Save money for it if they plan to release it in the near future.

Two World Of Warcraft XPS M1710 Priced At Nearly $12,000

That is the result of an eBay charity auction organized by Dell and Blizzard. The two XPS M1710 Dell notebooks have two signatures by Dell Chairman Michael Dell and Blizzard Entertainment’s Vice- President of Gaming Rob Pardo, and there cases also replicate the artwork on the new World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade game boxes. Gorgeously looking the two new gaming laptops are among the best portable computers currently available on the market including numerous high-end hardware components.
The two lucky winners are Trip Hoover from Texas, USA and Daniel Marinow from Germany who together spent almost $12,000 on these special notebooks. However the money will not take Blizzard’s or Dell’s direction as they will be a charity donation to America’s Second Harvest.
If you are sad about these two notebooks you still have a chance of winning a WoW customized computer because a new contest is available at where, by answering a few questions on World Of Warcraft, you can win one of the five XPS 710 H2C Gaming PCs and 27″ wide screen monitors.

The C1 Express Dual From LG

Lately all the media coverage regarding LG has been mainly directed to the mobile phones area, and especially to the Chocolate phone and the new Prada phone. I will try to change this situation by offering you a little piece on a great LG portable computer, the C1 Express Dual.Like all the new high-end notebooks the C1 packs all the computer power offered by an Intel Core Duo processor assisted by a GeForce Go 7300 graphics card that has the role to provide the best image quality for the 10.6″ LCD display. The input devices are the usual keyboard and touchpad but there is also the possibility of using a stylus for this task. And, speaking of possibilities, let me add the 5-in-1 card reader, the 3 USB 2.0 ports and a DVD writer as ways of interconnectivity for this device.If all this features seem common let me add that the thickness of the C1 Express is not larger than 27 mm (approx. 1.1″) and that this small form factor can pack a battery with a lifetime of up to five and a half hours. From all this info it is obvious to me this device was built around the concept of mobility and apparently it’s a success.

BenQ’s Joybook Series Gets An Upgrade

…with three new laptops enhanced for Windows Vista, the S73V, the R55V and the S31V.The new products are aimed at bringing more features to the older line of existing models from BenQ. The S73V is the first of the new comers being equipped with an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card ready to deliver all the new eye-candy from Vista’s UI (user interface) on the 14.1″ LCD screen. The other two, the S31V and the R55V come equipped with 15.4″ respectively 13.3″ LCD displays and the computing power is provided by the Intel Core duo processors.

Buffalo’s wireless USB adapter

Stick type USB2.0 radio adapter “WLI-U2-SG54HP” from Buffalo is capable of boosting your wireless range with 210%. So, using this Wi-Fi adapter you can catch signals from far distances. The improvement is around 170 m than the normal wireless adapter incorporated in your laptop. All you need to do is to place the Buffalo's WLI-U2-SG54HP on the back of your display and then to plug it in. Satisfaction is guaranteed for only $31.

Asus Lamborghini VX1 Laptop Gets An Upgrade With The VX2 Model

The famous Taiwanese computer manufacturer announced last week the availability of the VX2 laptop. Just like its predecessor, the VX1, the new notebook is branded after the sports car producer Lamborghini. Yet, the similarities with the old version don’t stop here as the VX2 is dedicated to provide extreme performance trough the Intel Cored Duo processor, following on the VX1’s footsteps. Just like the Lamborghini cars, this device will impress not only with its performance, but with its design too. With the accent being put on the details you won’t remain unimpressed by the metallic keyboard, the high performance LCD display or the leather bound palm rest area. “We are very pleased to say that the VX2 is a perfect translation of Lamborghini - in both body and spirit” said the President and CEO of Lamborghini according to the press release.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fujitsu Introduces The LifeBook P7230 Notebook

Last week Fujitsu launched a new Ultra-Portable notebook and this one is a really slim one as it measures just 1.17″ in thickness. Available in Leather Black or Leather White colors the P7230 is built on a Intel Core Solo U1400 processor and it features a 10.1″ widescreenwidescreen LCD display and the option of adding a built in digital camera.

I find the 2.5″ external drive drive as a nice feature as it gives you the possibility of either adding a DVD writer or a second battery pack to your notebook using it. Customers will find useful the security features the P7230 has to offer trough a biometric fingerprint sensor and an embedded Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that can store data file passwords and keys on a single microchip.
Available immediately the new LifeBook LifeBook P7230 ultra-slim notebook has a starting price of $2.257.

Motorola Releases Rugged Laptops, Includes Heating Mechanism?

The inclusion of a heating mechanism in Motorola's new laptops isn't that far-fetched after all. The MW810 and ML910 are rugged laptops that include the usual array of features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even GPS, but most interesting is the heating device integrated into the laptop. No, it isn't an instant lawsuit creator (see: laptop fires), but the device will slightly warm up the hard drive in extreme cold situations to ensure that it will spin up.
Thinking about climbing Everest in shorts? This may be the perfect laptop for you. The MW810 and ML910 will be on display at FOSE 2007 in Washington, D.C., with a release coming in the later months.

Asus W7J Laptop All Dressed in White

No, it's not a blushing bride, but the Asus W7J laptop is completely decked out in an all-white casing, with the notable exception of a few silver highlights. You know, because every fluffy cloud has a silver lining... or something.This apparent successor to the W5A (which was also all-white) comes equipped with a 13.3-inch Color Shine widescreen display, integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, up to 1GB of DDR2 RAM, and a DVD Super-Multi optical drive. Powering the elegant 1.95kg beast is a dual core processor (T2300/2400/2500/2600 series), 945PM chipset, and an nVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 graphics card. Connectivity comes by way of Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945A/B/G for WiFi. And yes, it supports high-definition video.

Asus Ecobook Bamboo Laptop: More Than a Panda's Lunch

No, that's not laminate flooring you're looking at. It seems almost counter-intuitive that the Asus Ecobook features a real bamboo cover, considering that the bamboo may be better suited as panda's lunch than as a laptop casing. Maybe they're just catering to people that prefer a more natural look to their mobile computers?In any case, the exact specifications of this "eco-friendly" laptop have not yet been released, but we can tell you that it'll be ready to ship some time next year.
Man, I bet those koala pandas are getting pumped today!
Photos: The Asus EcoBook bamboo laptop

The Laptop Shade for Outdoor Laptopsmen

File this one under "so obvious, we wish we thought of it." It's a fold-up shade from the IT Helper, which essentially installs onto your laptop and folds out to shade the screen when you're outdoors. Simple and easy—but adds a bit of bulk to your laptop—it's one of those low-tech gadgets that's super useful for the people who need them. Which would be us, if we ever went outside. Seriously, we haven't opened our front door in a week. Our neighbors would think we died if it weren't for the noise and the fact that the stench is more leftover food and not decaying body.

Tattoos for Your Laptop: Safer Than Letting Your Mac Drink Jack and Ride a Hog

A Williamsburg tattooist, Scott Campbell, has come up with half a dozen designs that you can have lasered onto your laptop for $200. If you up the price by $100 he'll etch your own design onto your machine, just like he did above, for Brooklyn-based artist Kaws. If these take off, perhaps Apple will change their ad campaign, swapping Justin Long for a large and leathered-up hairy biker who answers to the name of Steel Ball (he lost the second one in a fight down Altamont way). Check the gallery for the six designs on offer.

Samsung M55 Laptop Shows HD-DVD Love

Either Samsung can't decide which side of the next-gen optical disc fence they're on or they want to capture every last corner of the market they possibly can. The Samsung M55 multimedia laptop is already available with the Blu-Ray drive, but the Korean electronics giant is sharing some love, now offering the same lappy but with an HD-DVD burner.Clearly designed with movie, music, and games in mind, the HD-DVD-ified Samsung M55 boasts a formidable 17-inch display, Core 2 Duo T7200 processor, 2GB RAM, 120GB SATA HDD, 256MB GeForce 7600 graphics, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Look for it at your favorite retailer in Korea for "slightly less than Ђ2,430." That works out to about $3200 of American green.

Prevent Lap Burn

If hot laptops have ever been a problem, here's the perfect, simple solution. Cooler Master NotePal all-aluminum coolers work for 15-and 17-inch laptops and even have a range designed for Apple's widescreens. The NotePal takes down heat with twin 2.8-inch fans (that have a life expectancy of 3000 hours), which also help with airflow around your laptop, shielding it from any direct heat. And bonus—it's fairly quiet as well. The NotePal is powered directly from your laptop and has two 2.0 USB ports and an on/off power button for the fans. The line starts at about $40.

Eight Laptop Coolers Reviewed (Verdict: They're All Pretty Meh)

Dan "Huevos" Ackerman's very protective of his groin. As such, he needs the best laptop cooler money can buy. He takes out eight (who knew there were that many) laptop coolers and rates them on looks, size, and how they feel on his creamy thighs.
The winner in terms of temperature (measuring at the lowest 74.4 degrees C) was the Xpad Laptop desk. However, since the default temperature without cooling was 80.8 degrees, none of these coolers really performed that much above the others, which means that you should pick one you like to look at the most and go with it.

Converting a Regular Laptop into a Touchscreen Tablet PC

Want the functionality of a Tablet PC, but don't want to fork out the big bucks to get the love of a touchscreen? What if you could convert a regular laptop into a Tablet PC for just $130? The "Laptop Tablet" from NAVIsis won't directly transmogrify that standard LCD screen, per se, but the small attachment latches itself onto the side of your display, effectively giving you a touchscreen-like interface. While no promises were made on the CeBIT floor, you'd assume that NAVIsis did their best to mimic TabletPC functionality and accuracy. Before we have to chance to take it for a test run ourselves, we'll withhold any sort of conclusion. At the same time, the "Laptop Tablet" -- which plugs in via USB -- is only 130 bucks, so it's not like you're breaking the bank to take a chance. PhotoShop'd be easier, that's for sure.

What Does a One Million Dollar Laptop Look Like?

We've seen plenty of expensive gizmos in our days, most of which are not due to advanced electronics, but this is one of the very few times we've had to get into seven figures. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this laptop from Luvaglio London that makes it so special, but the current asking price on the computing creation is a cool $1 million.They've got a black one for the gents and a pink edition for the gals in the audience. To add to the exclusivity, you won't be able to just waltz into your local Best Buy or surf on up onto Amazon to get your hands on one of these expensive gems. Instead, the $1 million laptop can only be ordered "by appointment" from Luvaglio London. Maybe it's the self-opening case that makes it worth the asking price. Then again...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monster Laptop Bag

The handmade Monster Laptop Sleeve may not help you be taken seriously at your next business meeting (unless, perhaps, you work for Children's Television Workshop), but it will almost certainly get you noticed wherever you take it out. Individually made, the furry sleeve is available in Purple, Red, Blue or Green, and in a variety of sizes. The best part, though, has to be the underside of the flap. More laptop bags should have great gaping maws.

Product Page

Foofbag laptop sleeves

I hate to be crude, but I'm fairly sure 'foof' is a pet name for something else. Mind you, that probably makes it an apt name for a soft, er, sleeve for your most prized possessions. These Foofbag laptop sleeves (£22.99) are very funky - the sort of design that makes my eyes light up and wish I was a cyberpunk.
They've been designed for 12-inch iBooks but I daresay most 12-inch lappies will squeeze in (though don't hold me to it, I'm not sure I want lots of email from ladies telling me their foof is too small).

You can find a whole range of foofs to suit your fancy at LaptopStuff, but not only do they stock Foofbags - they're also a UK stockist for the Acme Made and Crumpler bags. Not to mention Sumo and Noreve are stocked there too!

MSI Megabook laptop

MSI sells its products in both the UK and the US, so here's hoping this one just announced in Japan will be with us soon. The Megabook MS-1006 is a nice looking, lightweight (1.8kg) notebook with a 12.1-inch screen. It's compact enough to bung in your bag to take wherever you go, and it's got all the stuff you'll need on a portable - Pentium M (or Celeron M) processor, MMC/SD/MS 3in1 card reader and Wi-Fi.

Product page (translated)

Sony's TX1 Laptop

Time was, all the trendies down in Shoreditch were using Pa's money to buy themselves the latest skinny little Sony VAIO laptop. But since Apple has taken a firm grip on the ironic hair brigade, Sony has been left out in the cold a tad. It's still making those rather nice super-portable notebooks, however, including this latest TX1 model. Available in both black and white, it weighs just 1.25kg, features one of those lovely, glossy X-black wide screen displays, a DVD writer, wireless, Bluetooth and a 60GB Hard Drive.

It doesn't have the "OMG!!, it's tiiiiny!!" visual impact of the X505, but it's certainly no porker. Besides, the X505 was unusable so maybe that's for the best. Shoreditch may have turned its back on them, but this TX1 is looking rather appealing from my less trendy end of town. I don't think that last sentence did either of us any favours, but I'm going to stick with it nevertheless. It's available from October with prices starting around £1500.

How to make a Pink Hello Kitty Laptop

Heck with buying all these Swarovski emblazoned pink gadgets. Make your own. Start with How to Make a PHKL (Pink Hello Kitty Laptop). You have to be hard core to do this. This is not just the pink laptop from Fujitsu with some stickers on it. This involves sequins, glue, glitter, and the destruction of many feather boas. Beware. And remember: "this is a project for two people, you and a friend, with notable guest appearances by your meddling boyfriend."

Julien MacDonald laptop bag

Got a spare £470 burning a hole in your designer trousers? Why not treat yourself to a Julien MacDonald laptop bag?
Available in black, white or fuchsia, the multi-pocketed bags have more studs than an episode of Home and Away. While you may be thinking that, for that price, they ought to provide someone to carry it around for you, you can console yourself with the knowledge that £370 of the money is going to Unicef.

More info from here

DIY Project - T-Shirt to Laptop Case

I'm not really a fan of clothes shopping, but I did have a recent buying binge of Internet t-shits, because I have a difficult time resisting a clever slogan. Alas, I have a Big Girl Job, which means no t-shirts at work for me (no matter how much I whine and plead), so my "Shakespeare got to get paid, son" t-shirt is doomed to languish in my closet, only to make my wearing rotation on the occasional weekend afternoon.
If I were a craftier sort of gal, I could follow Voxphoto's example, and make my t-shirt into a functional laptop case. Maybe I can't wear t-shirts to the office, but surely they couldn't complain in my laptop came in wearing the latest Threadless T?


Laptop looking a bit frumpy? Then the LapSchitcks laptop skins might be just the thing you need to sass it up a bit. More funky than the fashionable Roland Mouret laptop skins, these bright and bold skins will definitely stand out in your favorite wireless-ready hang-out.

At $19.99 a pop, a girl could afford to change the look of her laptop every season.

LapSchticks are available from

Aspoke - Laptop Skins You Can Design Yourself!

Not only will this come in handy should you decide to take your laptop on safari, it'll look pretty cool on your desk, too. Or on your bed, or in your living room for that matter. These skins come in a range of different designs including fashion, animal, flower, "serious", and illuminations, but if none of those tickle your fancy, you can design your own by sending in your logo or design. Corporate types will like this as it allows them create branded laptops: the rest of us can just have fun with pictures of whatever the hell we like.

Pre-made skins are 19.95 euros, while the custom ones are 26.95 euros (about $35 / £18).
Product Page: Aspoke

Shiny review: Sony Vaio TX3 laptop

OK. Get ready. Because I *really* love this laptop. OK. Get ready. Because I *really* love this laptop.

First up, you should know the most important thing. It provokes really envious glances, which you can see reflected in the ultra bright screen. Which in this case, is a good thing. It's mainly because it's so damn tiny, measuring 272mm wide and 195mm deep. Weighing just 1.25 kg it's also the first laptop that I could fit in my normal sized handbag, rather than the oversized laptop bag I usually carry. In fact, the first time I took it out in that laptop bag, I lost it in the depths. I kid you not.

ShieldPro waterproof laptop for working in the shower

Wireless working is all very well, and the adverts would have you believe we are all at it, what with tough-but-clever beauties pictured working on tropical beaches and on the top of mountains.
However, what happens when the rain starts up mid-email? Or when you plonk your backpack down a little too roughly at the top of the summit and bugger-up your laptop in one easy move?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pink Lining laptop bags

With all the new gadgets coming out, you might as go one step further and get a new bag to tote it all in. Any excuse, eh? Pink Lining's range may not be the most business orientated but they are pretty cute and have enough space for your laptop and documents. Each bag is embroidered with 'strictly business', has twin straps, a detachable shoulder strap and a velcro internal strap to secure your laptop in the shocking pink silk interior. The pink butterfly one on the left is currently sold out but the blue polka dot is still available for £84.49 Product page

SNAP Mac laptop bags

The ladies over at The Bag Lady just can't help themselves as they keep stumbling across fashionable laptop bags that put boring grey and black business styles to shame. Each SNAP case has a fun motif, is fabric-lined, padded and has a zip fastening along with front and back zippered pockets for your cables etc and twin handles. They're specifically designed with Mac 12", 13" and 15" laptops in mind. From $84
Product page

Screaming Laptop

If you're worried about your laptop getting up and walking away the second your back is turned, Kokuyo is offering an interesting solution: the Filsafer, a PCMCIA card that will cause your computer to scream if it's moved. That's bound to give any would-be-thieves a good scare. Or you a good scare, should you forget that you've installed it then try to pack up and leave for the day.

Microsoft's new laptop bags

If you thought Windows Vista was the only big launch Microsoft had up their sleeves this year, think again. This new range of laptop bags launches later this month, and while, OK, it's not getting quite the fanfare Vista did, it's still worthy of mention. The new bags are all in classic black styles which will probably find most popularity amongst business users. The styles shown here are the Madison, the Manhattan and the Monticello, they're designed by Samsill and are available from Amazon from February 15th.

Fujitsu Laptop for Frustrated DJs

If you've ever fancied a bit of a spin on the ol' decks, but, like me, are too lame to even know where to start with that, Fujitsu's new concept laptop aims to let you live our/your dreams in the privacy of your own home. The lid, you see, contains a touch-sensitive LCD panel which allows you to control your MP3s, either from the laptop itself or from a connected player.
This was shown at the Ceatec Technology Fair in Tokyo, and is still, sadly, just a concept piece, but with its 5.1 channel surround sound and ability to make even the geekiest of us feel cool, I'm sure they're onto a good thing if and when it's released. Fujitsu Home

Panasonic's light laptop - the W5

It's said to be the lightest laptop on the market: Panasonic's W5 weighs in at just 2.64 pounds, and comes with 12.1" screen, integrated optical (DVD-RW) drive and ultra-low voltage Core Duo U2400 1.06GHz mobile processor. It'll also apparently remain intact after a 30cm drop, and I guess it's a good thing that it's Panasonic who found that out rather than us. It's available in 11 different colours: chocolate, pink diamond, silver bullet, orange, golden, purple haze, ice white, red, blue, gunmetal and black, and is priced from $2349.

Pizza laptop box

Nice as designer laptop bags are, they're really only asking for trouble. You might as well stick a loud hailer on your head with a recording saying "Hi! I'm carrying a laptop bag! It's designer! Woopee for you! There's also a good chance I'm wearing totally impractical foot attire and won't be able to run from you! Please feel free to mug me at your convenience.". But this! This, on the other hand, is likely to prove bait only for food addicts desperate for their next fix, and I'm pretty sure you can outrun a pizza-loving podge no matter how inappropriate your footwear. The Powerpizza laptop box is "anti-theft, anti-shock and anti-style". It's waterproof as well, so you'll be able to store your laptop in a safe home, whilst looking like a bit of a food addict yourself. I'm struggling to think of anything better.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pink Ergo Ensis S Laptop

Yup, this is purely a normal laptop with a pink lid. Your first reaction might be "Sigh, don't insult us women with the assumption that we're bound to like it if it is pink."

But - you like it don't you? I do. I like it more because I know something you don't yet know - that nearly £60 from each purchase of these laptops will go to Genesis, who are dedicated to building Europe's first Breast Cancer Prevention Centre in the UK.

So it's not just pink to be girly, it's also pink to signify breast-cancer awareness. See, now you don't feel so bad for liking it, do you?

Easy DIY MacBook Mod

MacBook owners that are getting bored of the stock look can easily make a few modifications to it to spruce up its appearance. As seen in in the guy's flickr page, he's added a See-Through Speck Shell, a custom rainbow Apple logo, an 802.11n card from a Mac Pro, and black MacBook keys as seen in the Zebra MacBook.

Nothing extraordinary, but it goes to show you can customize your setup with not too much cash. We're probably going to grab one in a few months for our lady friends, so this guide should be useful for us since we don't have the time or the patience to go hardcore and put the guts of it inside, say, a completely different shell.

Quick Tip: Use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to Clean a Black MacBook

Those of us that own the black MacBook know that fingerprints are the devil. Smudges and fingerprints show up all over the black matte finish. Josh, over at MacApper, figured out the most efficient way to get rid of the nastiness, with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Josh put together some pretty detailed instructions about how to use Mr. Clean to tidy up that MacBook, so hit up the link and let us know how it goes, fellow BlackBook owners.

Apple MacBook Battery Goes Up in Flames

It's still unclear how this MacBook caught fire, but Matty from Australia claims that his MacBook's battery started "hissing like a steam valve" just seconds before bursting into flames. The MacBook was charging overnight while in sleep mode before it started smoking and as you can tell from the pics, it's the battery compartment that got charred the most. Good thing it was still under warranty.

Asus W5fe: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Asus' W5fe made a big splash at CES, mainly cause it was the first lappie to sport an external LCD for Vista's SideShow. Unfortunately, the laptop is going out with a whimper. The problem? SideShow itself. Although the controls are straightforward, the folks at Laptop think navigating through the interface is "clumsy." And when you finally get to play your tunes via SideShow with the laptop lid closed, sound is awful. The selection of downloadable gadgets is also limited, which is a shame considering this 4-pound ultraportable (and SideShow) had a lot of potential.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Be responsible: use Sonnet 2fit laptop sleeve and screen protector

I was recently dismayed to learn the principle of the Golden Goose. Golden Geese lay golden eggs, and it’s the eggs that you really want. But if you want the eggs, you have to look after the goose. If you don’t feed Goose, Goosey corks it, no more eggs. Clearly, it’s one of those obvious things you always knew but never realized, and it applies to EVERY-bloomin’-thing! If you overload your washing machine, you’ll get more laundry done today, but it might break tomorrow. If you don’t service your car, you’ll save money – till it breaks down. If you don’t clean the fridge in the name of efficient cooking this evening, you’ll have to spend all Sunday clearing out the mould. And if you haven't got the metaphor yet, bear with me. All will become clear.

LG R400 Laptop: Say Hi to the Latest Hybrid

Samsung may have got there first, but now fellow Koreans LG have joined the race to be at the forefront of the hybrid hard drive market with their R400. On-line stores are already taking orders for the laptop, which boots machines using a flash-based non-volatile cache. As well all the normal hybrid benefits (longer-lasting laptops, quieter machines and less energy used) data processing will be three times as fast.
Other features include a 14.1-inch widescreen display, two wireless antennae, integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, and BlueCore 4, a variant of Bluetooth 2.0. Estimated date of arrival is March 30 and it will set you back a smidgen over $1,000.

The Otterbox Laptop Case

The quest for mobility goes hand in hand with the quest to protect our gear while being on the road. Choosing the right case is one of the many decisions that mobile warriors have to make at some point and forums are filled with posts that ask which case works best. For those who need a little more protection for their devices in environments that are a bit more rugged, Otterbox makes a number of cases and protective solutions for all kinds of mobile gear in all kinds of environments. I was lucky enough to be given one of these cases at the Tablet PC Meetup at CES as a door prize and I’ve finally found the time to check it out.
In this InkShow I more than check it out. With the help of our Master Carpenter at Wayside Theatre, Paul Callahan, we drop it, jump up and down on it, bang it with a sledge hammer, run it under water, drop it in a creek, and run it over with a car. That’s right, we run it over with a car. And you know what? Well, I won’t spoil the results other than to say OtterBox knows what they are doing.

SoundGate Tablet Lets Musicians Geek Out

Designed by Nicolas Gonzalez Garrido, the SoundGate PC is a tablet/laptop hybrid made especially for musicians. It lets them record sessions, transcribe their music, and write out their next single. The tablet has a 10-inch touchscreen LCD and a flip-style QWERTY keyboard. A volume knob and jog dials are found inside and there's even a special stand that would let you prop the tablet in front of you for on-stage performances. At the moment, the SoundGate is only a concept, though design-wise, I could see this appealing to the non-music crowd.

MedTab—The Doc's Tablet PC

Emano Tec has developed a tablet PC that weighs less than a pound, has an eight to 12 hour battery life and can withstand a 3-foot drop onto concrete without damage. The MedTab folks believe this is better than a PDA because of the screen size. It allows medical practitioners to view and update electronic media records easier. Wait, so doctors can have awesome, eight-hour battery life and less than one-pound tablets and I can't? Discrimination!

Further Confirmation On Flash-Based Sub-notebook Has Apple Fanboys Wetting Their Pants

Following up on the Sub-Macbook rumor, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu says now that Apple may introduce a new notebook based on Flash NAND chips «in the second half of the year». It's unclear if Apple will also finally introduce the personal teleporter with cold fusion engine in the same time frame, but that quote alone, coupled with Samsung announcing the first shipment of their hybrid NAND hard drive to OEMs, will probably fill Apple's fanboys' wet dreams for months to come. Myself included.

Apple `chip' laptop in works

Apple, maker of the iPod music players and Macintosh personal computers, may introduce a new notebook this year that will save data on flash memory chips instead of a hard drive, American Technology Research said.
"Our sources indicate that Apple would like to introduce the product in the second half to further capitalize on its strong MacBook growth," Shaw Wu, an analyst at American Technology Research, wrote in a report Wednesday.
Chips are smaller than hard drives, allowing electronics makers to design slimmer products. They also process data faster and consume less energy than hard drives.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ColorWare adds Thinkpad T60p to laptop rainbow

Those digging the specs on Lenovo's Thinkpad T60p laptop but not so down with the basic black look now have another option besides the DIY route at their disposal, with ColorWare announcing that its added the laptop to its multi-colored lineup. The laptop itself remains the same as before, of course, and configurable to some extent, with a 15.4-inch widescreen display and 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor standard, along with up to 2GB of RAM and 160GB of hard drive space. Things depart from the Thinkpad mold when you hit the color selection screen, however, with no less than 28 colors to choose from, including such stylish options as Caution Yellow (seen above) and Cotton Candy Pink. Going for the base model in your choice of color will set you back $2,950 with units shipping in 2-3 weeks, although those that have already sprung for a T60 aren't entirely out of luck, with ColorWare saying they'll soon also be offering an option for you to send in your laptop for a bit of sprucing up.

Elitegroup Computer Lines-up Four New Notebooks Series at CeBit

Elitegroup Computer Systems has showcased their latest launched models at Cebit show. After their recent collaboration with Taiwanese manufacturer Uniwill Computer, they have introduced their S, L, H, and G series. Each series is particularly focused on specific users as per their choices and all four sports Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Salient specs comprises:

• Slim design “S” series especially meant for everyday users embraces LCD display of 12.1-inches to 14.1-inches, 12.1-inch S20II with Core 2 Duo processor, Bluetooth, and a built-in 1.3 Megapixel camera.

“L” Series notebooks circumscribe value shoppers that include enlarged LCD display of 14.1-inches to 17-inches with many other common specs of “S” series.

• Next, comes for users who gaze for adjustable swivel-neck is “G” series(in picture) model G200 which will surely boost the market and is categorically meant for those who compliment screen tilt comfort up to 360 degrees.

• And, finally at last “H” series with H70. The series touts its 7” inch touch screen display with stylus input, 4-in-1 card reader and 1.3 Megapixel built-in camera.

It seems that EC systems will soon crowd tech shelves with new upcoming models for targeted users but the price declarations for these lappies are still awaited.