Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kohjinsha upgrade its SSD UMPC

Kohjinsha came from nowhere and in a short period of time managed to be one of the most innovative and fast growing UMPC manufacturer. Their latest wonder, the SH8 series, which were running on an Intel A1XX series CPU (a Pentium M) had a boost of performance and now receive an Intel A110 at 800MHz (against 600Mhz on the previous model). Our little wonder still keeps its 32GB SSD (Solid State Drive) but can also receive a new HDD with a boost of 20GB giving now 120GB or memory in total available. As for the other component are concerned there is no change in that matter and we still have a 7" screen with a WSVGA resolution and 1GB of RAM. will carry these new models within this week on their catalog.

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